Leaping into it

So I thought to myself this afternoon that I would like to try my hand at this. As those of you know me know, I always have a lot to say about all sorts of things. Annoying habit, I know. People I know have been asking me why I don’t blog. I guess that’s a nice way of saying “God you’re so opinionated”. I finally thought why not, perhaps some of my friends may even be interested. I need a hook to reel you guys in. I’m not sure what that is quite yet, but to paraphrase Mack Sennett (and rather badly at that) ‘if I write, they will read’.

As you can see I’ve taken my inspiration from Kilroy. As a young girl I was fascinated by the image of the little guy with the prominent nose peeking over the wall. No, no this is not a voyeur’s diary. I like the idea of leaving a little mark of your presence in the places you’ve been or the people you’ve met. In my life, I’ve been lucky to have been in so many places and seen so many amazing sights. But have I left my mark anywhere? I don’t really know. I have wandered through the earth and my life like a tourist. Not quite on the Osho scale of course. Who knows perhaps all this floating about will turn me into a new age Guru who sells sex and redemption to lost souls. Any takers?

The original Kilroy (J.J. Kilroy) worked at a shipyard and inspected rivets and boat parts. He is supposed to have marked those parts he had already inspected with this signature. It became a rage among Allied soldiers and airmen during World War II. The little cartoon wall with the big nosed guy began to appear all over Europe. He was called ‘Chad’ by English soldiers and ‘Foo’ by the Aussies. Hitler is said to have worried that Kilroy was an Allied spy. Apparently Stalin saw one of them at a restroom during the Potsdam Conference and wanted to know who Kilroy was. I bet you Stalin tried to see if he could ‘reach’ it from the urinal.

And therein lies my motto for this blog. Aim high and hope to reach it.



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2 responses to “Leaping into it

  1. Hi, this is a comment.
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    • Sonali

      Great! Way to go! FINALy’!

      You know I had heard about this Kilroy guy from a friend. But it was a whole new experience reading about him from your blog.
      What strikes me about your writing is it’s simple. Not ‘rushdied’, if you know what I mean.
      Nutan is (was) here;). Where else has she been – will she be?
      I am waiting.

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